What to do when you are done and your partners are still charged

Threesome dating is only for fun and tries new things and brings the excitement and spice in terms of sexual relationship. There are certain rules in couple dating and if you really want to make your threesome a big successful and a healthy than you must follow these rules.

There is certain rules for each and step that you followed in a 3som. For example when you are sharing your fantasy of threesome to your wife or a girl friend? While convincing your wife or a girl friend for a threesome? Discussing rules, boundaries and roles when you are in a room with a third wheel?

This article is all about the essential tips about threesome dating when you are in a room with other two participants of threesome. How to behave yourself and manage a successful and a healthy threesome sex when you are in a room with other two partners? If it’s your first time that you are in a threesome situation and you literally don’t know how to organize a successful and a healthy threesome sex than, it’s better to have some tips from experts and follow these tips. No matter how many girls or women you had dated before but threesome is completely different from other ordinary dating. This is all about threesome sex where three partners are equally important and all the three participants will share a same bed and go intimate at a same time.

When all the three partners are in a room and you are organizing a threesome sex than it’s your responsibility to take care of other two partners and make them feel comfortable with each other. So, there are few rules and tips that you have to follow when you are in a swing life style situation. Here are few rules and tips.

Introduce each other – when you are in a room, it is quite obvious that the third wheel and your dating partner are unknown to each other and they might also not feel comfortable. Introduce each other and make them feel comfortable and friendly. A small introduction with each other is quite mandatory to make the environment comfortable and friendly with each other.

Don’t wait for a call – it doesn’t matter how close the two partners are, it’s a threesome and you are equally important like other two. So, don’t wait for the call, go and get involved in a threesome and have fun.

Stay in room if you are done – threesome means you all three participants are paying an equal and important role. If you are done with yourself it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to leave the room. For a successful threesome, it is must that each participant of threesome must stay in room till each and every participant is done with threesome. You have to be in a room even if you are not enjoying the threesome or getting bored with this.


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