Random facts that you don’t know about threesome part 2

87% of those who had a exhaustive communication before threesome had a good threesome

According to the statistics on the largest tinder for threesomes, tinder for couples as well as threesome dating apps, a mass majority of those who had a comprehensive discussion before the three some had a memorable experience. Experts specialize in kinky dating, wife sharing, wife threesome, bisexual dating and polyamorous dating said that before rushing into the bedroom, it requires so much communication and discussion about fet life to a point where not only you, but also your partner and your three way partner are tired of talking about it. Everyone need to be on the same page. And it is of great importance for each party to know exactly why they are doing this, what they are going to do and what solutions they have when problems occur.

Safe sex is non negotiable

You should not only prepare condoms and dental dams, but also prepare much more you think that you would need. Because guys have to change condom once every penetration happens. Threewaytinder.com, the official dating app catering to more than 2,4 million swingers living a swinging lifestyle who are in search of a kinkd experience, only 0,003% of them have gotten a disease under the circumstances of wearing a protection when having a threesome. The souvenirs you get from the hot threesome should also be hot memories, instead of some annoying STD or unexpected pregnancy. What’s more, you should also keep in mind that condoms are not just designed exclusively for penises, but also the sex toy, with purpose of avoiding any infection of viruses and bacteria. If you have extra time and energy, it is also strongly recommended to get a overall sex regarding your health situation before threesome taking place. To sum up, it is important to discuss each party’s sexual rules in this relationship in order to make sure everything goes towards to right direction.

Catching feelings is not a sin

For a mass number of swingers who are looking for a three way lifestyle, the last thing they would want is to catch feelings. Because, according to them, things can get out of control so much if any party invests feelings. But you know what, emotional investment can actually be a crucial component to a great three some. Because it is totally normal or even inevitable for us to feel left out or even hollow after a random hook up. However, whenever there is feeling invested, we can build a much deeper connection with each other, as a result, the threesome can be much hotter and better too. Even though it is undeniable that jealousy can be a issue in the up coming days, but as long as you had a thorough talk and set the rules beforehand, it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Last but not least, everyone should make the most out of it!


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