How to Convince Your Partner to Have the Threesome?

If you don’t join, you never know why people want a threesome date. According to human nature, men and women aspire and expect a happy and relaxed sexual experience. However, influenced by the secular concept, women have to suppress their own nature and dare not show the fantasy. If your partner is a bisexual or bisexual male, your plan for a threesome dating can be easier to implement. But remember, this does not mean that as long as people are bisexual, they will accept three way dating. In other words, bisexuality is easier to accept the threesomes, and they will be able to try it more. If you have a threesome date but don’t have a partner to talk to, then this date may not be so satisfying.

However, is there any way to make your partner willing to have a threesome with you? The answer is certainly yes. Solving problems is the nature of human beings, and everyone has different ways of coping.

Change the way of thought

The first and the most important step is to change the way of thought. No matter what idea you start. If your other half is already looking forward to having a three way with you, then you are so lucky. Even if they tell you they are not ready, don’t worry. Everything needs a process. What you have to do is slowly open their minds step by step and change their way of thinking. Intentionally or unconsciously talk about sexual topics and go to clubs with some sexual themes. You can watch threesome movies together, learn the skills in the movie, and then discuss the threesomes with them. Their thinking will begin to change under your constant attack.

Put out feeler

Create some illusions, such as there is a third person joining your sexual process. Let your partner blindfold when making love and tie him/her to the bed to make sure they are unable to break free. I think you must have seen the scenes in the movie. Pretend to open the door and talk to others. In fact, you are the only one at there, then don’t talk and walk into the room. Try to touch her/he in a different way and kiss her/him gently. In this way he/she will experience a special sex, just like making love to a stranger. But remember, this is just a game, and any coercion will ruin all the fun.

Have a threesome

Now that your two psychological defenses are open, it is time to come to a tinder threesome. Every woman wants to date a handsome guy, and every man wants to date a hot girl. This is a natural phenomenon. But this is the first step, and the price is trouble. He/she may always want to quit at the last minute. You can pick a person that both of you are willing to date, a hot girl or a handsome boy on the tinder for threesomes. Then their resistance will be reduced to a minimum. Before the threesome, you’d better have a meal together and get acquainted with each other. When everything is ready, get started to your threesome dating.


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