Expert Tips When You Want to Have An Awesome Threesome

When it comes to sexual fantasies, every one has different taste. Some might prefer costumes with a theme such as French maid, school girl or BDSM, while others, are into threesome. Having a threesome has been long time considered as the top sexual fetish for a tremendous amount of people who are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone.

Regardless of that fact that threesome has always been a pretty controversial topic for the fact that the swinger lifestyle strongly against what we have already gotten used to-the committed and one on one relationship. So, for those who are looking for threesome and a brand new sexual experience in their life, what is the most effective way to make your dream come true as it is obvious that swingers seeking threesome will encounter a tremendous amount of obstacles while pursuing the new kind of lifestyle? The founder of the number one couples dating apps, tinder for couples as well as tinder for couples, Axel Woo, who is also a skilled three way partner with more than 7 years of experience, is going to provide the registered members of his website with a whole session of expert tinder for threesomes dating tips. And here is part 1!

Know what you are looking for.

You might feel confused right now, and ask me saying: I am looking for threesome, isn’t that obvious? It is true that everyone is looking for a three way partner here, but the agenda behind is varies from person to person. Figure out what your expectation is from a three way relationship: a random and casual hook up, friends with benefits as well as committed relationship with three partners involved. Don’t sign up on the three way online dating platform till you have already know what you want from what you are about to do, otherwise it will just be a waste of time and energy, not only for you, but also your partners.

Set ground rules with your three way partners.

It is important to note that when there’s a third willing partner involved, things are likely to get more complicated. The staff on threesome online dating sites keep getting questions about how to find the perfect balance between two other partners. There is no absolute answer to that since every situation varies in its own way. And setting a few rules before the relationship starts can help swingers avoid this kind pf problems to a great extend. No matter what your sexual preferences are: wife sharing, wife threesome, kinky dating, bisexual dating as well as polyamorous dating, make up some rules with your three way partners will egt you a much longer way.

Get to know your partners more.

Even though you might be looking nothing more than a casual hook up, and getting to know someone who you sleep with seems to be something against your own principles. But it will sure be of great help!


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