Don’t like me? Then let’s just have a threesome

I was quite swing long before I graduated from college. I think my swinging quality grew itself there. In college, I really enjoyed a good time in living a swinger lifestyle. Having tinder for couples, foursomes with strangers I found from tinder for threesome app. Going to bars and clubs to hookup with random people. Smoking drugs with some playboys. I almost tried everything in college. The most unforgettable thing is having threesome with a guy who we met on couples dating app didn’t like me but liked my friend. Luckily, my friend didn’t like him. Maybe she liked him, but she refused to go out with him for me. I found a win-win way. Having a threesome together. Good for everyone. Pretty absurd, right? Just hear me out.

Lily and I were classmate and roommate in college. She was the first person spoke to me when I firstly enter this college, so we became close friends. I am not a low-key kind of person and I would tell her everything. In the first semester of our junior year, a cute guy named Ian I met on couples dating app. I liked him the first time I saw him. I was definitely going to sleep with him. That was what I thought. However, Ian was a pretty good boy, who was hardworking and serious about everything, which made him even more special to me. I had to approach him in another way, different from me approaching other boys.

I asked him to go to lunch and dinner with me and Lily for several times. Since he was new here and in desperate need of friends, he became our meal pal when out of the couples dating app. Ian was pretty slow in love relationship. He didn’t even notice my affection to him after two weeks. Just when I was about to confess my crush on him, an incident happened, which proved that he was not slow at all. I was just not the right person for him.

One night, Lily and I were watching a movie in our bed. Lily got a call from Ian and asked her to come downstairs. We usually did everything together, why he didn’t ask for me this time? While Lily went downstairs, I had many guesses and I was right. Lile came back a few minutes later with an awkward face. She was very honest with me and told me the truth that Ian said he had a crush on her. I was glad to hear it from her. Frankly speaking, I was a little upset and ashamed. But later, I felt angry. I showed my affection to Ian, but he didn’t warn me nor give me any hint, or maybe I was just too blind-sighted to see that. Lily didn’t like him and I didn’t stand a chance with him, so I made a decision. Let’s just have a couples dating together and forget all about it. Lily was interested in having a threesome as well. So the nest day, we booked a hotel room and invited Ian to have a threesome hookup. After that, we never spoke to Ian anymore.


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